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Select a Tournament
When you click either of the Practice, Host Online, or Poker Clock buttons, your next step is to select a tournament. DD Poker allows you to play almost any Texas Hold'em poker tournament, including a home game, a local card room's weekly tournament or the World Championship event.

Are you a beginner and not sure where to begin? See Help! I'm a beginner and just learning under the Practice help topic.

This area displays all the DD Poker pre-defined tournaments, and all saved tournament formats you create.

New Create a new tournament from a clean slate. You may then Edit the tournament to your liking.
Edit Edit the settings for the selected tournament.
Copy Copy the selected tournament already created to use as a blueprint to create another.
Delete Delete the selected tournament. Note: Pre-defined DD Poker tournaments can not be deleted.

Summary Summarizes the tournament selected under five tabs, Details, Levels, Prizes, Opponents, and Online. These tabs shows you everything you need to know about the tournament.

Export Table to Microsoft Excel. Right click (CTRL-click on Mac) any of the tables such as the Levels, Prizes or Opponents to bring up the Table Menu pop up. The Export Table menu item is used to export the table in a comma delimited file format (.csv) that can be read by most popular spreadsheet software.

Poker Clock

Start! Starts the game with the tournament selected.
Load Load a previously saved game.
Help Displays this help screen.
Cancel Return to the Main Menu

Host Online
Continue Continues to the Setup Online Tournament (2 of 2) screen
Help Displays this help screen.
Cancel Return to the previous menu

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