Poker Clock

Hosting Home Poker Tournaments
Many tournaments these days use computer programs to manage the tournament. After all, there are several things to track: the levels, clock, rebuys, add-ons, and payouts. DD Poker provides a similar feature to allow you to easily run a poker tournament at home.

All you have to do is select a pre-defined tournament (or define your own in Edit Tournament) and begin. DD Poker counts down the clock for each level and breaks, then notifies you audibly and visually when the level is about to end. If there are rebuys and/or add-ons, you are reminded when they should occur. As the "bank," you track the buy-ins, rebuys and add-ons: Added together, this is tour prize pool. DD Poker provides an easy way to determine the prize payouts.

Tips on running your own home poker tournament can be found in the Hosting Tips help topic.

Poker Clock Controls
This section explains the features displayed for the Poker Clock. The red numbered circles on the picture below correspond to descriptions of each section of the game table. 

Menu Buttons
The Menu Buttons at the top of the screen access common game functions.

Quit the tournament - don't forget to Save before you quit.
Save the current home tournament settings, blinds and time.
Displays Info on the current tournament settings. The I key also opens this dialog.
Export Table to Microsoft Excel. Right click (CTRL-click on Mac) any of the tables such as the Levels, Prizes or Opponents to bring up the Table Menu pop up. The Export Table menu item is used to export the table in a comma delimited file format (.csv) that can be read by most popular spreadsheet software.
Opens the Poker Clock Options dialog, where you can specify options for the Poker Clock. Here you can disable the chip color up notification and choose to pause the clock at the end of each level.
Edit the Tournament Settings once the home poker tournament has already begun. Note: Any alterations will not permanently change the original tournament profile. The E key also opens this dialog. Hint: You can use this screen to change any aspect of the home tournament while it is in progress.
Opens the Prize Pool window. Enter the total amount of money collected from all buy-ins, rebuys, and add-ons. Based on your tournament settings, the payouts will then be calculated under Prize Allocation. The Z key also opens this dialog.
Launch the DD Poker Calculator Tool to run in depth hand analysis and calculate showdown outcomes. This can be a fun way to calculate what the chances were that someone beat you on the river during your home tournament.
Opens the Help window.

Tournament Status Area

The Tournament Status Area displays the name of the tournament, the time left in that level, current level, and the current ante/blinds. Below the main information the next ante/blinds, and rebuy/add-on information is displayed. If rebuys and add-ons are allowed in the tournament, it displays when the rebuy period ends and after which level the add-on occurs.

When the time in the level is below 10 seconds, a bell chimes and the time flashes to alert you that the level is about to change.




The Start button starts the clock. When the clock is running, it displays Pause, which can be used to temporarily pause the tournament. The Spacebar, S key, or P key also toggles the Start/Pause button.

The << Rewind button is used to rewind the tournament to the beginning of the current level. If you press it twice, time will rewind to the beginning of the previous level. The >> Forward button is used to advance the tournament to the beginning of the next level. These buttons are useful if you need to quickly advance to the next level (e.g., to speed things up or after editing the tournament settings).