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Are you a beginner and not sure where to begin?

See Help! I'm a beginner and just learning under the Practice help topic.

Choose Practice to practice your poker skills against computer controlled opponents in a variety of poker tournament formats. You can change any aspect of the tournament, including blinds, buy-in, rebuys, and add-ons.
Choose Online to play poker tournaments with other people on your local area network (LAN) or over the internet. Your friends may join you in an online game using the demo in order to try the game. You do not play for real money with DD Poker, nor do we ask for any credit information to play online.
Choose Analysis to view detailed statistics of all your previous games, including hand histories.
Choose Poker Clock to setup and manage your own home tournaments when your friends visit to play cards. You can decide the buy-in, rebuys, add-ons, blinds structure and payouts.

Click Exit to leave DD Poker.
Launch the DD Poker Calculator Tool to run in depth hand analysis and calculate showdown outcomes.
Set game Options and settings for DD Poker.
Register your copy of DD Poker with Donohoe Digital so you can be notified of updates and new releases. It will be important to do this in case you lose your activation number or need support. We do not share personal information with anyone outside the company.
If you are having trouble using DD Poker, click Support for information on how to get support from Donohoe Digital. Please check for updates using the Updates button and review our detailed game help before asking for support.
Displays this Help menu.

Displays the player profile screen. You can change the current player profile and/or online-activate a player to use DD Poker's public games list. Separate statistics are maintained for each player profile (as viewed in the Analysis screen), so it is wise to create a player profile for each user.
New When you create a New player profile you have three options, all relating to our public games list. All three options allow you to play private online games with your friends, but if you wish to Join a public game or List the game you are hosting on our public games list, you need to set up an online profile.
  • Not Used to Join/List Public Games - Choose this option to create a standard DD Poker profile. All game functions can be used including private online games with friends, except the ability to play games on our public games list.
  • Activate Profile to Join/List Public Games - In order to Join a public game or List the game you are hosing on our public games list, you need to online-activate your profile by validating your email address with DD Poker. Enter your email address and choose OK, an email will be sent to you with a password. Enter this password into your player profile to complete the validation to online-activate. The email will be sent immediately, but allow a few minutes for the email to arrive due to potentially high traffic on your ISP.

    Note: The player profile name is what other players see when you join public games and is what is listed on the public DD Poker website. You cannot change this name after it is created, so choose wisely. If you name is already taken, you will be notified and will have to choose another name.
  • Link to Existing Online Profile - Choose this option if you already have an existing online profile and you wish to reclaim it. Use this option if you have reinstalled the software or wish to use your online name on a different machine.

You must create at least 1 profile to play DD Poker. The profile name has a maximum of 15 characters.

Edit Edit selected player profile in order to rename the player or online-activate the player to Join or List online games. If you have not yet online-activated your profile to Join/List online games, you will see the choices shown above under New.

If you have started the email validation to online-activate for your profile, you will be asked for the password sent to you by email to complete the process, or you may change your email address or Resend your password.

  • Change email - If you have not received the validation email with your password, you may check or change the email you typed in by clicking change email.
  • Resend Password - If you have not received the validation email with your password, you may click the Resend Password button to have it sent to you email again. Please check that your typed your email correctly by clicking the Change email button. Also verify your email program is not placing the email in the junk mailbox.

If you have already online-activated your profile, you have three choices shown below:

  • Change email - If the email that is associated with you player profile has changed, you may change it by clicking the Change email button to re-validate your new email address.
  • Change Password - To change your password to one you will remember, click the Change Password button, and enter the current password and your new desired password.
  • Reset Password - If you have forgotten your password and can no longer access your profile, click Reset Password and a new profile password will be emailed to you.
  • Sync Password - If you have changed your password on the DD Poker My Profile web page or on another computer, click Sync Password to enter your new password.
Delete Delete the selected player profile. Note: If your player profile is configured to Join/List public games, the online profile will not be deleted on our server so you may reclaim it at a later time.
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