To Play a Practice game against computer opponents:

  1. Select Practice from the Main Menu.
  2. Select a Tournament from the Practice screen.
  3. Click Start!
Help!    I'm a beginner and just learning.

We first recommend reading the Texas Hold'em help category. This explains the basic fundamentals of Texas Hold'em poker.

Start with the Beginner Game tournament. This tournament is a lower stakes game and has a player mix and skill level similar to the opponents you would face at a Friday night game at a friend's house.

Use the Poker Table help category while you are playing the game to understand all the items displayed on the poker table.

Let the Advisor guide you by following the advice in the DD Dashboard on the left of the poker table. Click the Details button under Advisor to understand its rationale.

As your skill improves, advance to the Card Room, then to a Vegas tournament, and finally test your skill in the World Championship!

Other Helpful Practice Topics:

Edit Tournament Personalize your own tournaments.
Poker Table Describes the poker table and how everything works.
Calculator Tool Use the DD Poker Calculator to run in depth hand analysis and calculate showdown outcomes.
Advisor How to use the Advisor.
Chips & Chip Race Find out what a chip race is.

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