Chips & Chip Race

DD Poker Chips: The chip denominations used for DD Poker are as follows:

"Color-up" is the process of removing the lowest denomination chips at the table. This is done when the lowest denomination chip is no longer needed for the blind or ante structure. It also reduces the size of the piles of chips in front of the remaining players so they do not get in the way and block the view of the players.  Although this is not necessarily required in a computer poker game, DD Poker does this to give you the feel of actual tournament play.

Simple Example:  A tournament is using $5, $25, $100, and $500 chips with starting blinds of 10-15. Once the blinds reach 25-50, there is no longer a need for a $5 chip.  If you have a quantity of five $5 chips, they are exchanged (colored-up) for one $25 chip.  If you have an odd quantity of $5 chips, say 1 through 4, then the Chip Race method is used to determine what happens to the odd chips. 

Chip Race
The Chip Race is the method used in the Color-up process for the odd chips left on the table that are not of sufficient quantity to be changed up directly to the next highest denomination chip.

Chip Race method used in DD Poker:  One card is dealt for each odd chip that players are unable to change up to the next value chip. Cards are dealt clockwise starting with the first seat, with each player receiving all cards before moving to the next player.

All the odd chips are colored-up and then divided between the players based on the results of the Chip Race.  The player with the highest card (ties decided by suit rank) is awarded one chip, the second highest card is awarded the next chip, and so forth, until all the lower denomination chips are exchanged (each player may only receive one chip). For the purpose of the chip race, the suit rank is spades (highest), hearts, diamonds and clubs. If an odd number of lower denomination chips are left the player with the highest card remaining receives a new chip if he or she has half or more of the quantity of lower denomination chips needed, otherwise nothing.

A player may not be eliminated from the event by the Chip Race process. If a player has no chips after the race cards have been dealt, he is given a chip of the higher denomination before anyone else is awarded a chip.

If the Pause During Color-up option is ON, the action pauses when the color-up chip race occurs after the cards are dealt and after the chips are awarded to the high cards. You must click the Continue button (or C key) to see the next step. If this is off, the color-up happens automatically with a slight pause after each step.

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