DD Poker allows you to enjoy you the fun of playing play-money poker online (over a local area network (LAN) or the internet), without having to join an online poker room. You can create a private party and play with one friend and fill the remainder of the table with computer players, or have all your friends join for a game. If you wish, you can list your game as public and others from around the world can join you.

Online Tournaments
Current Profile Displays the current player profile selected and if the selected player profile is online-activated. By pressing the profile button you can change the current player profile and/or online-activate a player to use DD Poker's public games list.
Lobby Choose Lobby to start the chat lobby where you can talk with other players currently running DD Poker. This is a detatchable window that can be left open even while you are playing.

Note: Your profile must be online-activated to use the Lobby.

See Chat Shortcuts for chat short cuts used and information on right click menus.
Host Online Host Online allows you to start and host an online or LAN poker tournament. Anyone on your LAN or with internet access and their own copy of DD Poker can join you. When you click Host Online from the Main Menu to start and host an online game, you must first choose the type of tournament you are hosting. Your decision may be based on the number of players you wish to have, how long you would like the tournament to last, the stakes or the blind structure. You can create and Edit your own personalized tournament or choose a pre-defined tournament. Computer AI players will automatically fill any seats not filled by human players if the Fill With Computer Players option is ON. Click Continue once the tournament has been chosen to proceed to the Setup Online Tournament screen.
Join Online Join Online is used to join a game on your local area network or over the internet. You may manually paste a LAN or internet Game URL given to you by a friend for a private game. Or you may join a public game from the Public Games List if you profile is online-activated.
DD Poker Website Choose DD Poker Website to open your web browser to the DD Poker website that lists all public games (available, running, and completed), details about those games and the DD Poker leader boards. If you have created a player profile and online-activated it, you can login with the same username/password to view your public online game tournament history and see details on available games to join. For more information, see Profile in the Main Menu.
DD Poker Forums Choose DD Poker Forums to open your web browser to the DD Forums. The forums are a place for the DD Poker community to chat, discuss games, and corrdinate tournaments. Note: Your game profile name and password are different from the forum, a unique forum name and password will need to be created in order to post.
Load The Load button allows you to load a game your were hosting and stopped. This screen displays all tournaments you have previously hosted. The tournament at the top is the most recent one you saved. Online games are automatically saved here when you host.

Note: Online games that you join are not saved. Only the host has the ability to reload an online game. If you wish to rejoin a game as a guest, click on the Join button and then click the "Use Last" button.

After selecting the tournament you wish to resume, click the Load button to restart it.

If you exit a game your are hosting, the game will automatically save so you and you friends can resume an online tournament at a later time. This is ideal for games during lunch at work when an hour isn't enough time to complete a tournament.
Help Directs you to this help screen.
Cancel Returns to the Main Menu

DD Poker Website