Hosting Tips   

Don't be afraid to host your first home tournament.  Here is everything you need to know to run a successful home tournament.




Late Arrivals

You will inevitably have guests arrive late and you should let your guests know how you plan to handle this ahead of time. In Las Vegas tournaments, you are required to register and pay ahead of time, and if you are late for the start, your place at the table will be reserved and your chips will dwindle away upon every rotation of the blinds until you arrive or they are gone. Because you will most likely not be collecting the buy-in ahead of time and may not be sure which guests will make it, you may wish to handle this differently, expecially with friends. As a host, you don't want to tell your friend they can't join when they drove an hour to get to your house and are five minutes late due to traffic. On the other hand, you don't want your other guests to feel that the game started unfairly, therefore some kind of penalty needs to be made. You may devise your own way to handle this, our use one of the suggestions below:

Home Poker Tournament Settings
DD Poker has provided a pre-defined tournament for you to use for the tournament you are hosting. Or you can copy it and customize one for your needs. Don't forget: The amount of tournament chips you play with does not have to equal the amount of money you buy-in with, as both these tournaments demonstrate.

This 10-player tournament is a good starting setup up for a home game. For this tournament you should have at least 500 chips. We recommend 200 Red, 200 Green and 100 Black.

Of course, you can use different chip colors and denominations. Red, green and black are the typical colors for $5, $25 and $100.

The blinds are already set up in the pre-defined Home Game tournament. If you want to customize the blinds, the information below is very helpful.

Chip Color-up

As players are eliminated from the tournament, the remaining players have increasingly larger chip stacks in front of them. Players find it cumbersome to move these larger stacks around the table and continually recount them when bets are placed. To eliminate this problem, a chip color-up is done to reduce the number of chips on the table. See Chips & Chip Race for more information on this.

In home tournaments, it is acceptable to postpone color-ups until your next break. To simply the process, you can skip the chip race and only exchange as many of each player's lowest denomination chips as possible. Simply leave any odd chips in each player's chip pile. As more of the chips are accumulated by one player, you can exchange them for higher denomination chips.
Rebuys and Add-ons

All tournaments have a buy-in, this is the amount of money to enter the tournament. Some tournaments offer rebuys and/or add-ons. A Rebuy is an optional puchase of additional chips once the tournament has started. An add-on is an optional purchase of additional chips offered to all players, regardless of chip count.

Moving Players

As players start dropping out of the tournament, you will need to even out the number of players at the tables and possibly reduce the number of tables. If you started with 3 tables and 30 people, you may drop down to 2 tables when you reach 18 people, and 1 table when you reach 9 or 10 people. If the number of players at each table differs by 2 or more, then move players to even out the tables. A simple method to move a player is to move the player at the dealer button from the high table to the seat to the right of the dealer button at the low table.

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