Poker Etiquette

Online Game Etiquette
Language - Please be kind to other players and watch your language in the chat.

If you do not wish to see a particular player's chat, you can mute that player, or choose to ban that individual from any future games you personally host.

Profanity, inappropriate language, racial remarks, or berating an individual in a public game or online lobby is in violation of the terms of use and is a subject to a temporary or permanent ban by Donohoe Digital. Report any violators by exporting the chat dialog and posting to the support forums.

Respect to your host - Did you know DD Poker is the only online poker game that is host based, not server based?

What does this mean? This is an extremely unique situation where Donohoe Digital does not host any of the online games. Other customers like yourselves host games. Each public game you see is a welcome by that host into their game, unless it is by invite only. It is their party and they choose the ground rules of the game. So please respect their ground rules. If you disagree with them, you may join another or host your own game.
No comments about the hand in play - It is not appropriate to make comments about the hands being played, including your own, whether you are in the hand or not. Your comments may give away vital information to certain players if you reveal you folded top pair or identify a flush draw.
Be kind to other players - Everyone is here to have fun. Making mean comments will serve only to inflame the situation. You can always choose to mute a player you do not wish to hear them.
Read the game description and structure before joining - Before you join a public game, read the description and blind structure before you join. Since the host can radically change the type of game played, you don't want to find out it's not your style of play once the game is underway.
Do not join a game you do not have time to finish - It is rude to quit in the middle of a game. By reading the blind structure and level time before you join, you can determine if you have enough time to complete the game. You can always ask the host how long they expect the game to last in the poker lobby.
All-In Bet - Making an All-In bet is a powerful tool in No-Limit Texas Hold'em. Since DD Poker is a "play money" game, this tool is sometimes abused in a game. New players may not understand you may win some random pots by doing this in the short run, but will eventually be busted out, and only serves to disrupt the other players. So be aware excessive All-In bets, especially the first half of a tournament is frowned upon and you may find yourself not being invited to some public games. Learn to use this tool wisely.

Live Game Etiquette
Play in turn - Do not check, fold or bet until it is your turn.  You can give important information to the players after you and the other players don't take too kindly to that.
Play at a reasonable speed - Don't consistently take a long time to make decisions when the play comes to you.  No one will mind if you occasionally pause to think. If you do need more time, call for "time."
Don't splash the pot - Don't toss the chips you have bet into the pot. You may see this in the movies, but in a tournament or casino game this is inappropriate.  Not only is this rude, but the dealer and other players have no way of knowing if you have put the correct number of chips in the pot.  Place them neatly in front of you where the dealer can reach them.
Leave your chips on the table - In a tournament game, you either leave with part of the prize pool or nothing. The chips are not to leave the table.  Even in a limit game, once you buy-in to a game, the chips on the table must remain there until you leave the game.
Be cautious of your table talk - If you are not in the hand, keep quiet.  It is not appropriate to make comments about the hands being played, including your own.  In addition, don't offer or ask for assistance from other players.
Be polite - No one wants to play with a jerk at the table. Be polite to the dealer and the other players. Watch your choice of words, swearing is not good poker etiquette.
No string bets - Do not make more then one motion to move your chips to call and raise. Not only is this unethical, but you can be forced to withdraw the raise. The best practice is to verbally declare a "raise" and then you can go back and forth for chips as many times as you wish.
Don't slow roll your hand - When showing your hand, do not wait a long time or slowly roll your cards off one at a time.  Lay your hand down nicely and declare what you have.
Don't mis-declare your hand - If you are unsure of what you have, let the dealer read your hand once you lay it on the table.
Don't mess up the table or cards - If you must have food or a beverage at the table, don't make a mess or get food or drink on the cards.
Don't switch seats - You are not allowed to switch seats in a tournament (unless asked to by the tournament director when combining tables). Even in a regular game it is not appropriate to switch seats or leave the table, especially when it is your turn to pay the blinds.
Don't expose your cards until the showdown - Be cautious to protect your cards so no one else can see them until the showdown. Do not expose them when you fold. Additionally, if you are the uncontested winner of the pot, you do not have to show your hand. If you choose to show your hand to one person, then show it to everyone. 

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